Getting to Panama – Then and Now

Did you ever wonder how people like us got from Canada to Panama in years gone by? Today, it is a simple couple of four-hour flights from Calgary to Panama City, but for others the adventure is more about the travel than the destination. How about driving from Canada to Panama?

We have a couple of friends from Sudbury, who decided on just such an adventure to get to Panama this year. Tim and Sue were months in the preparation for driving their PT Cruiser pulling an enclosed cargo trailer carrying two dirt bikes all the way to Panama. They wrote a short blog to describe their adventure and called it Escaping Sudbury. View it here:

I like the summary post for the trip, which I have re-blogged below.  Be sure you scroll down to the end of the post and check out the VIDEO link.  There is dash camera video of various parts of the trip.

It looks like pretty good roads today but if you ever wondered what it was like years ago, like in 1940, I found this amazing 30 minute video on YouTube that describes such a trip by some crazies at that time.  It will put travel through Central America in perspective and show you how much progress the road system has made since that time.  Check out the video here:



Escaping Sudbury

After being in Panama for a few days, I’ve had some time to reflect on the road trip from Sudbury, Ontario , Canada to Los Altos Cerrol Azul, Panama. So let’s interview me, lol.

  • Knowing what you do now, would you have done this trip the way you did it? NO! Travelling by car alone is stressful enough going through border crossings let alone pulling a trailer with 2 dirt bikes. The added inconvenience of not being more mobile, extra gas, and added inspections and bribes since most countries only allowed one dirt bike was really not worth the extra finances, stress and time involved.

Would you recommend this trip to anyone? No, unless you have unlimited time, money, patience an suv or 4×4 type vehicle and nerves of steel. Border crossings for me were from 2.5 to 6 hours, roads were terrible (you can lose a small child in some of…

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