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Our New Concrete Trees

Today is 30 December and Christmas has passed for another year. We have moved out of the beautiful home with the incredible views that we have been renting since our arrival here in Cerro Azul in the middle of November. The owners are here for a month-long visit so we have moved to another home in close proximity but without many of the creature comforts of the original home. We will be moving back in a month. Already, we miss the TV, high-speed Internet, and washer and dryer but it will be interesting to see how we get on without some of these services. We will be bumming Internet from our more than gracious neighbours so will only be checking a couple of times a day rather than all the time with the live connection. Please bear with us.


Construction continues at a slower pace. I remember how unproductive this time of year was when I was working. The business lunches and social events all increase to the detriment of real job productivity. It likens the volume of work that occurs during the Calgary Stampede, when all the out-of-town “bosses” visit their Calgary branches to “do some business”! Hah, hah! Anyways, the current work on this project is about bending rebar, building forms, and mixing cement to pour six footings and support columns for the front support wall of our main deck.

Everything grows so quickly here! When I look at the row of columns beginning to rise out of the footing holes, it reminds me that our little project is growing just like everything else here. We dug holes and planted rebar and cement. From that rapidly grew columns that will continue to grow up to the deck level of the main balcony. I am just waiting now for the leaves and flowers, which will be the actual balcony slab. (Forgive me… my imagination sometimes runs away with me!)

After the New Year, the crew size will increase as they bear down on the task at hand. First, the new storage room, under the main balcony, will have a foundation built and a block wall installed. Then there will be forms built, and rebar placed for the main level and balcony slab, which will take us to our first major milestone!

Keep everything that you have two of crossed for us… I know I will!

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