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A New Career in Panama?

Hi All,
I couldn’t help myself today! I just had to post this!

Last January, while we were in Panama, we rented a home with a spectacular view from a Canadian friend. While we were there, I took lots of pictures and we arranged for some work to be done on the house, which meant that I had to take more pictures to show the work. We recently heard that the house was up for sale.

Today, while doing some research on the Internet in preparation for a Skype meeting with our builder, I found the Realtor’s ad for the house:

I was surprised to find most of the pictures in the ad, were mine, including an interior shot with Andrea looking out the window at the view.  I thought this was enough evidence to start a rumor that Andrea was in Panama selling Real Estate.


What do you think?  Can we pull it off?

2 Responses to “A New Career in Panama?”

  1. Pam brown

    You are to be retiring in Panama not getting another job….however I could see Anfrea doing just that!


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