The Beauty of Our Mountain

Today is Saturday and it is five days until Christmas. As there is no construction work going on today, we decided to do a little local exploring of our mountain community.


Drinking Water for Panama City


We spent a leisurely day by going to the trailhead for a small hike up one of the local rivers that is flowing much heavier than the last time we saw it in early 2014. This river supplies drinking water to Panama City as well as the canal. There has been a successful wet season, here in Panama, as the dams on the canal are all releasing water due to the levels being too high. This is in contrast to the previous couple of years where water has been somewhat less than normal.

Nature’s beauty is ever evident here. The spectacular waterfalls on the river are most restful to linger beside for a while. A closer look will show butterflies in search of flowers. A banana tree, with a full load of fruit is busy ripening and waiting for birds, monkeys, or other wildlife to come and feast on the fruit when is perfectly ripe. A closer look reveals a line of leaf cutter ants, hauling their bounty back to the nest.


Leaf Cutter Ants


Heading Home


This really is an amazingly beautiful place. You just have to slow down, sit and carefully take in nature’s bounty.







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