Keith's Panamanian Travel Ramble

The wanderings of Andrea and Keith around Panama


The red push pins in the map show the locations we are planning to visit this year.  Our travels will begin in Panama City where we will stay for a couple of days and then we will move on to an area called Cerro Azul, which is up in the hills, above Panama City.  We expect it will be cooler there.  Next, we are off to Santa Fé , which is about a 3.5 hour drive from the city, where we will have a few days at a remote resort that is a bird sanctuary up in the mountains near the Santa Fé National Park.  We will then move to the Gorgona area in early February for some beach therapy and finish up at a resort in Punta Chame to complete the hot sand therapy, returning home around mid March.

2 Responses to “Map”

  1. Cathy-Anne

    Well I was jealous about your 3 month trip but thought oh well the weather isn’t bad here and I can suck it up BUT it is suppose to get to -23 for a high mid week and I want to run from here. Darn job and kids. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for the wonderful evening, the kids, Jim and I had a great time.



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